Nova had a rough beginning. As you know being a stray is difficult, let alone being a stray as a puppy… Her luck turned around at the most dangerous time of her short life, as she was rescued when other strays were attacking her. She was taken to a hospital where she was given the necessary care and brought back to health. Will you be her angel and open your heart and home to her?

Nova is 9 months old spayed young girl. All her shots are completed. Her blood-work is done; She doesn’t have any health problems. She is a submissive confidant and gets along with all living beings. She doesn’t have food problems; she has no preferable food types. She never guards her food either. She is good on a leash and never barks. She is not tested with kids nor cats. But she loves other dogs.  She is like any other dog; she does have prey drive, especially with squirrels. She likes to run around and play and likes every dog.