About Us

We are a small team dedicated to rescuing ‘street dogs’ from all over Turkey. These are dogs that have been abandoned or never had a real home, and have to eek out survival under difficult conditions.


Some of the team searches for street dogs that appear to be good candidates for rescue and rehabilitation; other members help place them into foster homes where they can receive medical care and training, preparing them for the long road to finding their ‘forever’ home. Finally, other members serve as a bridge between Turkey and the U.S., arranging airfares and transit for the dogs as they journey from the bleak streets of Turkey to welcoming homes in North America.

One of our additional aims is to create awareness among Turkish people that many of these ‘street’ dogs will make wonderful family pets. By showing pictures of the rescued dogs, first on the streets, and then later when they are living in foreverhomes, this is a powerful tool to educate people. We hope to convince people to refrain from buying puppies or obsessing about “pure” breeds, and instead to adopt a street dog, even if it’s a so-called “mutt”. These forsaken dogs deserve the care and the love of a good family, and it’s a rewarding experience to connect with them.


Our program for saving dog:

    • The rescuers in the field contact us; they send us pictures and information regarding the dog’s behavior and the background history.


    • We look for a boarding facility for the dog in Turkey, whether it is a foster home or pension/pet hotel. We coordinate the transportation of the animals between cities.


    • We immediately send the dogs to a veterinarian. A general check up and all needed bloodwork, shots, including for rabies, is part of the program expenses. If the dog is ill and needs medical attention, including surgery, etc. it is administered at the vet.


    • After the medical care is completed, the dog is transported to its foster home; the dog will be assisted and evaluated, and we get a report on its personality, etc.


    • Meanwhile, we look for potential homes in the US through our rescue group contacts.


    • We also buy crates to house the animal, and pay the flight ticket from Istanbul to the US. (The cost is $420 to fly any dog of any size in a special cargo area arranged just for animals within Turkish Airlines.)


    • We look for flight volunteers to escort the dogs to their final city destination.


    • We prepare documentation for U.S. Customs such as vet certificates, passport, and paperwork from the Ministry of Agriculture if needed.


    • We transport the dogs to the airport and meet with the flight volunteers; we pay for the ticket and send the dog through Turkish Customs to the departing jet.


    • We follow up by arranging the arrival and pickup of the dog.


    • We then orchestrate and complete the full adoption process in the US.


We are currently focused on over 30 dogs +, and working to find homes for them.